A great way
to help
raise funds
for AVPC!
Baby Bottle Boomerange animation
It's EASY!

Each participating family or individual takes an empty "Gift of Love" bottle home; fills it with coins, bills, or checks; and returns it to the church (or organization). It's that simple!

It's FUN!

Everyone can participate - regardless of age, skills, or income. Some people may put "loose change" in their bottles; others may ask friends and co-workers to help fill it. There are no minimums. Large or small, every gift helps!

Get started today!
  • Check with your pastor, Sunday School director, organization chairman, etc., to make sure that it's OK and to enlist their support.
  • Set a start date and collection date. Some churches have an on-going Gift of Love campaign. If you wish to have an on-going program, you'll still want to have a regular return date (once a month or once a quarter).
  • Estimate the number of families or individuals who will participate (one bottle per person or per family).
  • Contact AVPC to make arrangements for our special "Gift of Love" bottles. Phone 384-5561 or contact us via e-mail.
  • Explain the Gift of Love system to the participants and give each one a bottle.
  • Collect bottles on the return date.
  • Funds in the bottles may be delivered "as is" to AVPC, or a single check may be written for all the church's or organization's gifts.